Hello my Friends,

This is a bit of a personal blog today. I am sharing my most intimate life with you. It is hard to share these things sometimes. People can leave the most encouraging comments, but there are the occasional "hate" comments. Which makes it hard to share so openly. If you find the idea of mastectomy or of prosthetics distasteful, then please don't watch the following movie. This is my life and I can't change it. So if you "hate" it don't watch and please hold your comments. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing please.

That having been said, It has been really a great week. Getting fit for new and more attractive mastectomy bras, plus getting remeasured and getting into a size that fits has blessed me greatly. Also, they showed me how I was wearing the wrong sized prosthetic for my measurements. It feels so much better to be in the right size. More comfortable. I highly recommend getting measured for the proper sized bra ( whether you have a prosthesis or not ) You will really be happy that you did. Also, bras are sort of a necessary but they don't have to be ugly to be comfortable. It is soooooo nice to feel pretty in the clothes you wear. Even under garments. Age doesn't matter either. You can be a granny, but you don't have to wear granny panties! LOL, hahahaha! No granny panties for me. Treat your self to something pretty that you enjoy. You will feel so great once you do.

That is my encouragement for you today. I hope it blesses you. Take great care of yourself,

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