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Chemo, the day after hangover.

You may be wondering as you start your journey down any road of chemo.  Well, If you have ever been a naughty youngster who imbibed in a night of overzealous drinking, then you will know what a horrible hangover feels like.  If you have  never had the horror of this experience, then think of what it feels like when you have the onset of the flu. 

Here is how it goes down:
You are achy, tired, nauseous.  There is not a position to be found that you are comfortable in.  Your internal temperature may be off.  At one moment you feel hot and the next you're cold.  Okay, it sounds bad.  It really isn't awful.  Since you are tired and have no energy your family and friends will be really helpful to you at this time.  My wonderful hubby, son and daughter take great care of me. For this I am expressly grateful. 

Day three tends to be my worst day, and then after that I start feel a bit more zippy.  Despite my tiredness I try to make myself do my normal chores so that I continue to feel…

Looking at life through a pink ribbon haze

The following is not opinion these are fact that I state sources for. So, in advance of reading this article I ask that if you get angry, don't direct it at me. While I state that I am saddened by this information, I didn't come up with it out of the top of my head. You can google it yourself and come up with the same information that I have found or just visit the source that I site.

Thank you,


Just the facts on breast cancer's pink initiative. Don't get me wrong, I think breast cancer awareness is a wonderful thing. It has been a terrific boon for the drug companies. Does that comment seem strange to you? Let me clue you in to some irrefutable facts.

Fact one: there isn't any place on this planet that a person wouldn't recognize a pink ribbon as the symbol for breast cancer. ( info from Susan G. Koman wikipedia page that states: Today, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is active in over 50 countries with its largest affiliates in Ital…

The count down begins.

It seems that I am always counting down to something these days.  Counting down to the time to take day before steroids for chemo.  Counting down to chemo,  or the week I get to see the doctor.  My husband travels sometimes, so I find myself counting down to his return on occasion.  Today I am counting down till it is time to take my steroids.  Then I will start thinking about chemo tomorrow morning.  In between the counting of time I do live a life. 

My life today has been all about spending time with my daughter.  Spending time with each of my children and my husband has become very important to me since my diagnosis.  Every moment feels so important.  Even the most simple.  Today we enjoyed a sandwich for lunch at McCalisters.  We got to talk and laugh.  We both really enjoyed getting away from the house, but still being in air conditioning.  It is over 100 degrees today in Texas.  Truly the dog days of Summer.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is chemo.  We two of my three weeks on and one…

Please, feel free to invade my space

Okay, The title is sarcastic to say the least.  As you get to know me you will find that I have an edge to the way I think.  So okay, You've heard the story of how a person will rub the tummy of someone who is chubby and ask when their due date is?  Only to find out that that aren't pregnant?  Well this is sort of like that.

On the 10 year mark of being cancer free from Breast cancer, I found out that I have metastatic breast cancer.  It is in the lungs, chest wall, arm bone on the right side, and my pelvic bones.  Since that time I have discovered that my body is not my own.  It is open to being pinched, poked, prodded and probed.  I get stuck by needles every week.  This is all so much fun and it is something I am growing used to.  What happened yesterday came as a surprise. 

Here is how it all went down:

My daughter and I were out for a quick lunch and a movie.  While standing in line to pay, a complete stranger rushed up behind me and says in a loud voice, "Do you hav…