How can I get chicken pox? I'm a vegetarian!

Well, people, today was my week one of three weeks of chemo. I found out what I already knew. The patch of itchy skin and sores on my lower back is the return of the shingles. Chicken pox 3 times in a 12 month period. The doctor instilled the seriousness of informing him when I have an outbreak of this. I have known for a week. I knew I was seeing him. Since I wasn't running a fever I waited until this week with my already scheduled appointment. Now I can add a new medicine to my list. I "get" to take an antibiotic daily. Indefinitely. It is a veritable pharmacy in my cabinet. Apart from that new and exciting change, chemo went well. NO barfing!!! That is a total good thing. It left me super fatigued and drained though. My Mo bear has been a great hubby to me today. Driving me there (because it is snowing here in Colorado. Once my labs were done he took me to breakfast at Che cafa'teria. We had a breakfast sandwich. And it was actually really yummy. After breakfast we saw Dr. R. Then there was chemo and a lot of dozing off. After that we came home and had more lazy dozing off, and watching tv. Mo even dozed briefly. LOL. Of course all three dogs were there, and they dozed quite soundly. It was a snowly, lazy day. I will keep you all posted as to the details and results of my PET scan. I really, really hope that I can go off of the taxol. Due to a huge blessing and tons of Mo bears hard work, we will be spending some time in the Camen islands in the month ahead. It would be so great to not have that sandwiched between chemo treatments. Well, I will let you know how it all works out. Thank you for reading my cancer confessions, Leslie

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