Swim suit shopping, could there be any thing more humiliating?

Life can certainly throw you interesting curve balls. Right? Here I am in Colorado, and the snow has barely melted. My incredible husband is getting to go to the Camen Islands for a trip. I get to go with. Don't get me wrong, I feel totally blessed. There is just one tiny problem. Beaches. Beaches mean swim suits. Swim suits can cause a women to panic seasonally any way. For me it is worse this season. I can't just go buy a suit. I have to find one that will fit a rubber boob into it. I could just be lop sided, but I really am too vain for that. So, what's a girl to do? Shops that sell suits that meet my needs are not found on every corner. I have turned to the internet. Here are a few links I have found: Can you imagine my shock when I discovered that lands end sells suits that fit a mastectomy prosthetic?! http://www.obxsunwear.com/post-mastectomy-swimwear/ I managed to find the coolest bottom. It is a skirt that is control top from the company spanx!
This is called assets by Sara Blakely a division of spanx. It is exciting to me that I have a bottom that will hold me in and give me a bit of confidence. I've also narrowed down my search for a top. Which one of these two do YOU like?
This is called the Bora Bora tankini.
This is called the Blue lemon tankini. Decisions decisions... The thing is, I am actually excited to get a suit. The reason is, I had expected the suits to be ugly and old fashioned or very mature looking. It seems all sorts of products marketed to women who have had masectomies are just butt ugly!!! But these sites had a large selection of very fun and really cute merchandise. It is bad enough not being healthy, but then having to choose the best of the ugly options is not fun at all and even a bit depressing. So, this was a happy surprise for me. I will let you know which one I choose. Let Me know which one you would go with. Leslie

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