What I do for a bad hair day

Hello people, We all have what we call a "bad hair day" from time to time. I never really appreciated the blessing of a bad hair day until I lost my hair to chemotherapy. Once the hair had vacated the premises, I got to get wigs, and hats, scarves, and chemo caps. Now my hair is growing in thinly and there are a few spots that are still very much scalp exposed! Here is a photo that is a few days old. It gives you a solid idea of how long my hair is and how thin it has become.
Have you heard the saying that "a woman's hair is her crowning glory?" It may or may not be. But I tell you once it is gone you sure do miss it. Even the simple act of putting your hair into a pony tail is missed. Wigs are nice, but they itch and are unnatural feeling. I suppose if I were to wear them often enough I'd get used to it. It sure is a shock to my family when I try out this wig. They don't like the look of bangs, and tell me to go without the wig. There is something confidence building about having hair. Even if it isn't your own hair. I wear hats often to hide the little bald spot at the crown of my head. I have an upcoming event wear I will get to wear an evening gown, and really don't think it would look lovely with a ball cap or a cancer hat. So, today I am retrying the wigs I have. Right now I am wearing the long blonde wig. I really wish I hadn't cut the bangs. But I did, so there ya go. Here is a picture of what that looks like.
I would love to know what you think? Should I wear a wig with my fancy dress or just go for it and be semi bald? If you have style advice for me please place a comment below or send an email to the email link that is in the side bar to the right. I look forward to and appreciate your insight and advice! Thanks, Leslie

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