Today my heart is sad, at the passing of Talia Joy

Hello people,

I feel quite sad today. A very young and beautiful woman named Talia Joy has passed from this world after battling neuroblastom and leukemia for 6 years. Why would I pay attention to someone not battling the same sort of cancer I have you may be asking? Well, I believe that a cure for all cancers will come from figuring out how to cure one or any of them. It is so important that we all support and encourage one another. I have an interest in makeup artistry. I even took some classes through last looks academy for certification. (awesome instructors by the way) That is how I originally found Talia. She was passionate about the way makeup could take you and give you confidence. It can transform you physically and internally. She became quite talented at makeup, and even appeared on the Ellen Degenerous show. Her talent made her a youtube guru, and she became an advocate for those without a public voice, who also battled childhood cancer. Her example to others was a beautiful thing to watch. I never met her. I wish I had. I would have told her the impact she made on my life. The cheer she gave me on my worst of days just watching her videos and reading her posts. She has left an amazing legacy. I challenge you to watch her videos on youtube. Taliajoy18 is how you will find her channel. She can also be seen in the video I post below. Here she
The Truth 365. I cannot even begin to tell you how sad this news of her passing has been. It reminds me that the time we all have is short, and for some of us it is tangible how little our time will be. Please watch this all the way through. Keep Talia's family in your thoughts and prayers today.

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