Xeloda packs a wollop.

Hello People, Friends,

I am hoping this post finds you all doing well and enjoying the beginnings of another holiday season. Things are pretty great here in Tennessee. The weather has been pretty mild. The changing leaves have been beautiful. The best part has been spending time doing fun things with my family and our puppies. I am finding life here in Knoxville to be pretty fantastic. The only problem I have is that it takes time to do everything I want to do here. But that means there is always an adventure to have. The things that I look forward to doing are going to Cades Cove, and Clingman's dome. Of course, there are tons of places to hike and I also look forward to camping in the Spring.

In the meantime, We are still getting our little townhome settled and organized. Also we are gearing up for Christmas, and the first of the year we will have company. That is always fun. The Xeloda has been effective. It is my second cycle. As of Friday I had to stop taking it. That was on day 8. My Doctor terminated this cycle because I have developed hand and foot syndrome. This has my feet and hands bright red as though sunburned. They itch and it is painful to walk or put on shoes. I've had to begin taking pain medicine again. It helps but it doesn't completely take the pain away. I also am experiencing chest pain. I don't share this with you to be whiny or complain. Just simply to let you see a full picture of how this cancer is working in my life. It is a battle. You take the chemo to keep the cancer under control, and the chemo causes side affects that are so uncomfortable, it makes me wonder at times, if just letting the cancer dominate is better. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not giving up. But that doesn't mean I have to like what I am going through. I will call the Doctor back to update him on my status Monday. At that point I will know if he will continue Xelodo or resume it for my third cycle. He may continue, but reduce the dose. Either way, I will let you know what he has decided when I know.

So, my friends, that is what is happening in my world. I'll talk to you again next week. Take care.


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